We sit together, the mountain and I, until only the mountain remains.
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MOUNTAIN: A "Mountain Simulator, Relax 'em up, Art Horror" game by David OReilly (previously).
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But can you ride a horse on it?
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So it's kind of like Dwarf Fortress without the dwarves?
posted by isthmus at 12:09 PM on July 1, 2014

YES so glad this is out now. I am the biggest David O'Reilly fanboy.
posted by naju at 12:23 PM on July 1, 2014

Awesome. My six year old will love it.
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Seems to be 404ing out right now, maybe the server got overloaded?
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During the E3 preview, O'Reilly said this is a perfect thing for running windowed on your desktop while you browse the internet or do whatever else you're doing. Which is great. More games/simulators/things should fit so seamlessly into my MeFi experience.
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I've been trying to figure out a way to give David O'Reilly my money since seeing Please Say Something at an animation festival so thank you for posting this.
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The problem with the whole 'leave it open while you do other things' is you miss when the red biplane crashes into your peak, and then what do you do?
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It's no Rock Simulator 2014
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I just downloaded this and virustotal says the executable contains malware: Win32.Amonetize.WA.
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I've been running Mountain for most of today, just letting it spin on my second monitor. Without wanting to spoil anything or anyone, so far it's alternated very slowly between a meditative poem in geography and climate, and moments of deep strangeness. Something is coalescing, accumulating. I don't know what. It's interesting.

Recommended listening: Billow Observatory.
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Ben Kuchera unsurprisingly misses the point completely, has gnawing feeling that the game is mocking his very existence. (I mean, I don't claim to know entirely what the meaning is yet based on my ~3 hours with it, but I'm sure it's not that.)
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(Right on cue, my mountain just asked, "WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS?")
posted by naju at 12:58 PM on July 3, 2014

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