"I draw with paper instead of on it"
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Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian artist/illustrator now living in England whose quilled paper pieces are increasingly in demand. Her website is rich with her work - jump right into the illustration or art sectons - or browse the news section to see a roughly reverse chronological listing. Design Taxi has collected a group of images highlighting her quilled typography.

She talks generally in this interview (yt) from her show in Hong Kong last year. In this written interview, she talks about paper choices, techniques, and who she admires.
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I am ashamed I never thought to make this post, given I've followed her works for years now. Thank you so much julen!
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holy crap this is great.
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Sweetkid stole the words right out of my mouth. These are fantastic, I wish I could draw designs that well in any medium, much less paper.
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I saw some quilling materials in the craft store not that long ago and thought "that looks kinda cool, but it doesn't seem like you can do much with it". Clearly a failure of my imagination! Her work is really amazing and fascinating, thanks so much for posting!
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I was familiar with quilling, but had never seen Ms. Brodskaya's work specifically. It goes without saying that her technique is superb—but I'm more struck than I expected to be by her use of color, as well. Truly artful, breathtakingly beautiful.
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Oh my God, Yulia Brodskaya is amazing. She did the artwork for the July 2013 cover of my publication and its main feature last year. So intricate!
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I've seen a lot of her work on papercraft blogs before, but it's always delightful to be prompted to revisit it.
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