Laura Cooperman Carves Paper Into Art
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Like the much mefi'd Peter Callesen, Laura Cooperman carves up plain white paper into extremely gorgeous intricate designs. Sadly, outside of her primary website not many examples of her work can be found online.
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There's enough in her portfolio to get the idea; it's neat stuff, though it's a bit of a shame the gallery lighting doesn't work so well online. The spinning gears would be great to see in person.
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Yeah, its beautiful but the way she presents it on her site leaves much to be desired.
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Seattle artist, Dan Webb, also does neat things with paper.
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Not clear whether she uses an exacto blade or scissors, but either way, it'd be faster for her if she used acad. They seem to me more drawings of paper rather than drawings on paper; i can't tell whether they're actually used in a 3-d way (which would imbue her architectural notions with "paperness", which would be successful, imho) or whether they're just "flat layers" of paper, in which case they could be made out of velveeta. Either way, interesting to look at.
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I clicked on Cooperman before checking out Callesen (who I hadn't seen before), so I guess I was a little more impressed than the rest of you. Sure, Callesen has way better ideas, but this is beautiful and much better to hang on the wall than any of his work.
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