Mary's Gone Wild
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At her "Visionary Folk Art Garden & Doll Village" in Holden Beach, North Carolina, Mary Paulsen has built a "bottle house", multiple houses for more than 6,000 dolls, and a standalone gallery to showcase the relentlessly colorful paintings she makes on discarded window glass. No surface goes unembellished.

Mary has been the subject of an 11-minute documentary film and a book, Doing the Vision. Impressed visitors often photograph the colorful details of her artwork. (Series by Mark Huey, series by Sherman Hayes.) She gives a portion of the proceeds from selling her art to Feed the Children. One recent visitor wonders, "Is it creepy, is it art, or is it both?"
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Oh, the photos of Mary Paulsen and the bottle house and the sun -- lovely!
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The "Is it creepy, is it art, or is it both?" link kinda reflects how I originally felt about things like this. We have a guy who drives an old Jeep pickup truck that has dolls and action figures covering every surface. A sign hanging off of it says, "Art in motion."

I used to think the guy who drove the thing had to be a serious creepster until I met him. He was the chillest, coolest dude ever.

Mary and her house reminds me of that. So remember people, just because the art seems creepy to you doesn't mean the artist isn't awesome!
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I can imagine being her houseguest and waking up in the morning with doll parts glued all over your body and your feet painted blue...
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Over 14,000 meals provided for kids, and she's doing what she loves. Works for me. (and its all shiny and colorful!)
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Oh wow. My family has been vacationing in Holden Beach for 20+ years and I have driven past her spot many times without knowing anything about it. I'll have to check it out this year.
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This is wonderful.
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The meals for kids and window art is just awesome, and I'm rather envious of the bottle house, but the first link has a lot of weird--especially that God/school thing
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