The Only Miracle Jesus' Mother Asked For Was Wine
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How New World Wine Resurrects Old Religion
I used to be a regular at a wine bar in San Clemente, a beach town in California where my wife and I lived when we were first married. The ‘Tuscan’ decor of the place was a little too vivid for my taste, but the wine was priced right and the owner was a great conversationalist. He would tell us stories from behind the bar about his travels to vineyards in Chile and New Zealand, and he had a charming populist streak. When people got too pretentious about the wine, he would roll his eyes and say: ‘Relax, it’s just a beverage.’ He was wrong about that, of course. Since its invention more than 8,000 years ago, wine has always been more than just a beverage.
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Fantastic post.
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It's a tooth stainer
It's a social lubricant
It spices your vices with the help of Dionysis
It's not a floor wax

Do not taunt wine
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Great article.

He claimed ‘99 per cent’ of winemakers use flavoured syrups and powdered acids to keep tastes consistent from year to year.

I know a lot of winemakers and they all say this, but of course deny that they do it themselves.
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Call me barbaric but I'm just fine with a glass or two of Two-Buck Chuck with dinner. Oddly enough I'm more of an enthusiast about beer than I am about wine.
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Greg_Ace, you are a barbarian. If you have the means, try moving up to the $4-5/bottle range and Trader Joe's, and experience the greatest marginal return you'll ever get from a wine-buying dollar.
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I'm guessing the return will indeed be marginal, but I'm willing to give it a shot for science.
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Also, I may be barbaric but I'm not a barbarian. ;-)
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Its probably closer to 99% of volume consumed rather than 99% of wine makers.
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I figure the way to go is to get a decent bottle for drinkin' wine, and a cheap bottle for drunkenin' wine.
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Call me barbaric

Well, do you drink it mixed with water, or unmixed?
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Lotsa big ol' ice cubes in it!* I mean hey, it's summer and all...

*(Note: I do not actually do that)
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