Ferguson; Where We Are Now
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A continuation of the Don't Shoot Me thread. Links found by other Mefi members: The protests over the shooting of Mike Brown can be watched via VICE News live feed here. Brown's family commissioned an autopsy, the partial results of which are discussed here, and assistant's discussion of the results here. A map of the protest area can be found via this article. Here is a direct link to the map. KSDK news has reported that the National Guard has arrived and is currently stationed near the command center, not near the protesters.
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Thanks for this, Shouraku
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Live audio feed right now, people are being tear-gassed. They say the police are "speeding by and throwing six or seven cans of tear gas" into any crowd they see.
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In case anyone missed it, John Oliver did an excellent piece last night on Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization.
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(NB: MeFites active in MeFi Chat discussing this as well)
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Beat me to it. Here's the FPP I was writing - I tried to cover the substantive points, but it's late and I'm tired and there's just been so damn much.

We are now entering day 10 of protests in Ferguson, MO, protesting the murder of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by local law enforcement officer Darren Wilson on August 9th.

On August 15th, the Ferguson PD revealed the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown as Darren Wilson after much delay and demand, and released a surveillance video of someone they allege is Michael Brown involved in an altercation with a store clerk. The police initially claimed that this robbery to be the reason for the initial contact between police and Michael Brown. The Ferguson chief of police has since confirmed that Darren Wilson had no knowledge of the robbery prior to approaching Michael Brown, and later amended his statement to say that Wilson stopped Brown for blocking traffic. A lawyer representing the Ferguson market portrayed in the video has stated that the owner did not call the police. This video was released alongside a 16-page incident report of the robbery, against the advisement of the Department of Justice that it would incite further violence. The press conference also revealed that Darren Wilson had left the area 'days ago'.

An initial autopsy conducted of Michael Brown's body showed no sign of struggle, and six bullet wounds. Michael Brown's family has commissioned a second autopsy, citing a desire for independence and objectivity from the Ferguson police, and the Department of Justice will be conducting a third autopsy.

Amnesty International has sent in observers, marking the first time the human rights organization has deployed a team in the United States.

Part of the excessive militarization of the police is being attributed to military supply donations to the local police, which must be used within a year or else forfeit. "When more police departments get SWAT teams, they conduct more SWAT raids."

John Oliver has delivered a scathing take on the situation in Ferguson on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight. (Fanfare thread.)

Governor Jay Nixon declared Ferguson an emergency state on Sunday, August 17th, and called for a curfew of 12 AM - 5 AM. However, police crackdown on Sunday began well before curfew, firing off tear gas and blaring LRAD at the protestors. (Tear gas, incidentally, is banned in international warfare under the Geneva convention.)

Barack Obama met with the Attorney General Eric Holder to discuss the situation, and gave a televised address to the nation on August 18th, confirming that Holder will be traveling to Missouri. Ezra Klein makes an argument for why a strong show of passion from the President would only make things worse. The National Guard was deployed to Ferguson, but have largely been employed guarding the "command post" rather than engaging with protestors.

Meanwhile, protests have continued nightly, with escalating tension and use of force. Police have become increasingly hostile towards the media and even Amnesty International. Several journalists have been detained and subsequently released, including Getty photographer Scott Olson, who has been steadfastly documenting the events in Ferguson.

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Wow, nice job phire.

My main question still though, is what ever happened with the guy who got shot last night? That one just never popped up agian.
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Many of us don't use Chat so thanks for the new post!
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The last ten days in Ferguson, Missouri have seen teenager Michael Brown killed by police, a peaceful protest met with dogs, a heavy handed crackdown, reporters arrested, some semblance of order restored, a return to chaos, a state of emergency declared and curfew imposed, the FBI canvassing the neighborhood, the activation of the National Guard, and more reporters threatened and arrested. Yet in all that's followed, one inevitable fact remains: 18-year-old Michael Brown is dead, and his parents must live through that.

P.S. That was going to be my attempt. I think Shouraku's post is better because… I'm unable to write an unbiased post on this subject. Thanks for posting it, Shouraku.

My only criticism is that it needs a "MichaelBrown" tag, and I would add "JusticeForMikeBrown" but like I said, I'm biased.
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I was more just trying to make a neutral post with basic information that didn't promote my opinion. I didn't think to put in a summery.
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here is one of probably many twitter feeds
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Here's a pretty comprehensive collection of all the places you can donate to, petitions you can sign, upcoming protests, etc.
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Any pictures of any molotovs, weapons in the crowd, people shot other than by police yet?
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What's with the Getty reporter being arrested? Insane.
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I believe that technically when they let you go so there isn't a record it's called being "detained".
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Unrelated to Ferguson, but somewhat relevant: When I was a teenager (okay, and in my 20's) and was out breaking all sorts of laws I remember thinking, "there'll probably be a day when I don't have to fear the police". I'm white and while not particularly clean cut, I've managed to stay low on the 5-0's radar. Now that I'm in my late 30's I fear the police as much as I ever did. I get a tingling in my spine whenever I see a cop car, or even when a table of cops is seated near me in a diner.

I worked as a doorman at a wannabe-posh nightclub for a couple of years a few years back. We hired uniformed off-duty cops to stand around in front and I ended up talking to them quite a bit (or rather, they talked to me quite a bit and I just smiled and nodded. Cops scared me then as they did when I was a teen). One time, one of the cops said, "hey man, wanna see something?" and he pulled a dime bag of weed out of his shoulder pocket. "Just in case someone pisses me off too much", he said. I have no idea why he trusted me with this information, and I had no idea how I could possibly report him to an 'honest' cop. This fucking haunted me and ratcheted up my nervousness around police 100x.

Thanks, police.
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Artw: not a single one, no. Echoes of WMD.
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Oh, shoot, I totally meant to include this but forgot:

There has been an official petition on WhiteHouse.Gov to enact a Mike Brown law, requiring all state, county, and local police to wear a camera at all times. The petition has over 119K signatures so far, which means it will receive an official response from the white house. Rialto County in California outfitted its officers with Bodycams in 2012; complaints against the police department fell by 88 percent and use of force fell by 59 percent in just one year.
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[Hey guys, going with Shouraku's suggestion we are going to go ahead and close this and ask phire to make her post, since it's less of a "continue here" thing and a really good summation of where things stand now. Sorry for the trouble, please repost in new thread when it's posted!!! Update: new post here.]
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