Heavy Metal Be Bop Part 1
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In the imagination of a young Parisian named Pablo Padovani there’s a land called Moo. It’s a fantastical place that celebrates nature, the elements, romanticism and sweets [NSFW]. “I think you may like it if you like childhood, sex, dreams and surrealism,” Padovani [says]. “It’s a pornographic episode of Teletubbies mixed with Lord of the Rings.[...]The disc (Le Monde Möö by MOODOÏD) is a walk in the world Möö. This is a soft world made of cream hills and Turkish delight mountains. There are also Camembert mattresses and waterfalls of wine. This is a great, epic adventure."
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description: chilling enticing, as if it could be a modern version of Fantastic Planet.
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afraid to click link. description: chilling.

the (second) video is young parisians vamping it up in ethnic costumes from the golden age of hollywood to a song based around a thai inspired guitar riff... the american equivalent of a garage band from williamsburg performing in blackface: see French colonial history in southeast asia and north africa.
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Ugh, that second video was pretty disappointing after I watched first the last one of the guy playing a tune by himself (which was lovely and made me want to click on more, as well as made me fall in love with him a little by the end), and then the weird first video with all sorts of hallucinogenic factory and shopping and food imagery, which I also enjoyed.

While that second video has some nice imagery, and the tune is catchy, it's hard to shake the lazy Orientalism that's going on there. Disappointing, the rest of it is pretty fun.
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“I think you may like it if you like childhood, sex,

Feeling uncomfortable with this juxtaposition
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I'm inclined to agree about the Thai costumes video. Didn't really delve into that video before posting, and actually it's been removed from the bands homepage, I only found it searching YouTube. I'd hope they were going for Homage rather than ironic racism, but either way I don't think it's representative of best parts of their vision. Wish I'd left that out.
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The La Lune video was directed and animated by Marion Dupas. Her work strikes me as more original than the music.
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Huh, I thought the problematic orientalism was the best part of this post, and it's obviously produced in thorough self awareness, which doesn't excuse it of course, and they're aware of that too, and that's why it's gooderer than badderer? I dunno its french lol
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Self-aware racism is ironic racism is racism.
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Is Alley Oop aware of this?
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I'm not sure I saw any of the racist stuff but there sure was a lot of respectful homage to the stunning animation featured in Yellow Submarine. And the music wasn't bad, either! Consider me won over (and I'm so disillusioned about the state of French art, that's really saying something!).
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