Obscurant '80s: synth punk part deux
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But if we want to dig a little deeper and discover the roots of what he have been calling the art punk, new wave, synth punk scene, we should go to the west coast circa 1981 with Voice Farm -- Alien Welcome: Are You Ready To Enter The Portal?: Lost Adults: Modern Things or perhaps some spiky, sparky Nervous Gender. But then it would behoove us to move on to the late '70s when The Screamers were basically inventing the entire genre of synth-punk with each new performance -- Punish or be Damned: and here, Tomata du Plenty looking like Martin Rev's evil electric twin doing Vertigo: a demo : and Eva Braun.
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Damn. That's old school. I assume everybody's heard the classic "God Save the Prince Regent."
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Introduced here by what looks like a young Belinda Carlysle -- The Beat Goes On.
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I got that, chinston, even if no one else will since the post has been fixed.

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It's not often that I get to work Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF) into a conversation!

Die Fesche Lola
Co Co Pino
Der Mussolini
Produkt IV
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