Idiot Ruins Game?
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Brief Interviews With Not-So-Hideous Pitch Invaders. Pitch invaders previously on Mefi.
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I am unreasonably delighted by the guy who took the free kick.
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The "not-so-hideous" characterization assumes facts not in evidence. Complete disregard for the players and the tens of thousands of people who want to watch a game instead of watching you act like an asshole and then get tackled by security guards is pretty hideous in my book.
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Yes but what about the kitties.
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The only thing I have against pitch invasions is that the players on the field often have no idea if the person running towards them means them any harm. Otherwise they are a nice intrusion of randomness into a fairly structured setting. At present they are rare enough that I enjoy them, although if they had one every game I would probably change my mind.
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Streakers are OK. Otherwise, selfish idiots.
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Yes but what about the kitties.

Meet Anfield Cat.
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Always one that got away...
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The best resolution, of course, is for the idiot to get leveled by the mascot. There's nothing quite as humiliating as being taken down by a guy in a furry costume.
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I note Brad Friedel couldn't catch Anfield Cat. No surprise really as he hasn't been able to catch anything else at Anfield.
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People seem to love pitch invaders in general. There is always lots of hooting and hollering.
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I think it would be great if baseball games had official streakers. It would be like institutionalized nudity.
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oh my god you guys have clearly never seen a soccer match. Three hours and there might be one goal if you're lucky. At least these guys break up the monotony of players kicking a ball back and forth for hours without anyone scoring.
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Even men with steel hearts love to see a dog on the pitch.
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This Blackburn chicken one is great as well, although the fact that it was an otherwise officially sanctioned chicken makes it slightly less hilarious that if it had been a rogue chicken.
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oh okay i guess it is not the official chicken mascot after all

the fact that such a thing seemed wholly reasonable to me is perhaps the best part of this poultry misadventure
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I quite enjoy someone running onto the pitch every now and then and playing keep away with the lumbering mountains from security.

As most of my live-sport watching is test match cricket however, I accept my values for "entertainment" might be slightly skewed.
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The penalty for streaking, or any pitch invasion in Sydney is $5000. Our currency is such that this is probably close to $5000USD or CAD or at least 3000UKP. In other words, a severe fine for 20 seconds of laddish, boisterous behaviour.
The streakers now run it as a dare. if 20 mates all tip in a couple of hundred bucks, the bloke runs. But there are a few less. Mind you, as a hetro male we used to have the occasional young lady streak, but now it is all drunken pack males.
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