Seven hours they had talked and they could have gone on until dawn.
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We were each other’s firsts. I was 16, a stressed-out immigrant kid, she was the daughter of Colombian Catholics who were quite fond of the church’s policy on pre-marital sex. So it took us quite a while to awkwardly, semi-defeatedly concede to each other that we had run out of excuses to avoid sex. “This weekend?” I said grimly. A very sweet Guardian piece called "My parents helped me to lose my virginity" by novelist Boris Fishman.
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That's a sweet story. Everyone should have a family that loving.
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I can almost see my parents doing something like this. It's always been the small, subtle, unspoken things that communicated that, regardless of what they thought - or told us in no uncertain terms - about our choices, they would support us as best they could. My family is also Eastern European and Jewish and I wonder if, as Fishman implies, there's a cultural aspect to this kind of parenting.
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Same here, capricorn. My dad's side is from Russia and my mom's from eastern Europe (both sides are Jewish). This is definitely something that they would have done without a thought (although I'm also sure that they would tease me about it at some point in my life). Hell, my grandparents would probably have done this for me had I ever asked. I'll never forget my parents responses when I told them I am gay. My mom wondered if I was seeing anyone and my dad asked me "is he cute?"
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Awww, that was nice!

And now I wonder if my parents knew...
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I can state, categorically, that Dark Lutheran parents do not behave this way.
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Wow, ironed sheets. Everyone should have a partner that loving.
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It's funny, though, this seems very Russian to me. I don't know if it's still the same there; though the percentage of private homes has increased, millions of Russians still live in cramped Soviet-era apartment blocks, many still with shared bathrooms, and there was a very similar article to this that has stayed with me for about 20+ years about how difficult it was to find places to make love if you lived in Moscow (though I doubt that was something specific to the capital). This is not that piece, but contains similar sentiments: Sex and the Future of Russian Society: Ironically, a park bench often provides more privacy than a crowded apartment shared with several family members. The one I remember talked about using strategems or trading favors to get an empty apartment for an afternoon.
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A wonderful story.
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Would the parents have been as accommodating with a daughter? Or if the girl in question had been the daughter of the parental boss? Or a member of their temple? Were the girl's parents consulted?

(Yes, I have a teenage daughter.)
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I know I've just had a long tiring day, but this story has me in tears. It's nice to see a story about supportive parents.
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I love this, thank you!
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That's wonderful.
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