Letting Go
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The Big Father Essay. Some readers may find sections disturbing.
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That's potential literature right there, that is. Amazing piece of work.
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Only up to G at the moment, but I am loving this. Thanks so much for posting. Will have to find more from this author....
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Yes, very impressive. Constraints liberate.
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Is there somewhere I can find a definition of the five sentence types? I can sort of infer what he's getting at from the essay itself, but having the rules laid out in front of me would make it easier. I'm keen to try my hand at this.
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Simple. That first sentence was a fragment. That second one was a simple sentence, and this third one is a compound sentence. This fourth one, having a dependent clause right in the middle, is a complex sentence. The form requires a compound-complex sentence, and this fifth sentence, having a dependent clause in the middle of its second independent clause, fills that requirement.
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