Twenty Styles
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This is the first time I've wanted a youtube account, because the Linkin Park vid asked me for a thumbs up and the guy totally deserves it.
posted by postcommunism at 2:27 PM on September 14, 2014

Regardless of what you think of this bit, this guy is an amazing performer and musician. Like, holy shit. He doesn't nail every single one of these, but he has a pretty damn impressive vocal range and can not only sing really good but also rap really fast while still having good enunciation and being generally clear-spoken.

It kinda reminds me of walking in on my friends, who are gigantic metalheads and really talented musicians(one of them is an unbelievable beast at classical guitar, the other is just kind of generally a monster) having gotten bored of practice... and just starting to play a pretty believable imitation of handcuffs era parliament.

I'm just walking down the stairs into the basement, and hear one of the guys, who has a pretty deep voice and i generally associate with being great at the "death growl", singing "You could feel so much better... if you would show me how to funk like you do" in like a high george clinton falsetto spot on.

Then they just jammed funky shit for like, a half hour, and it was awesome.
posted by emptythought at 4:06 PM on September 14, 2014 [2 favorites]

That was uncannily good. Also I cracked up at the Hootie and the Blowfish section of Talk Dirty to Me.
posted by ropeladder at 6:14 PM on September 14, 2014 [3 favorites]

Wow, that guy is crazy talented. I hope he makes a gazillion dollars.
posted by desjardins at 6:19 PM on September 14, 2014

Best thing I've seen on the internet in YEARS.
posted by the jam at 8:21 PM on September 14, 2014

This is fantastic. I hope he does a Rob Thomas voice at some point because that would amuse me greatly.
posted by NoraReed at 10:19 PM on September 14, 2014

Cackling at his DMX in the Problem video. It's so very, very spot on.

Amazing transition instincts too, this guy. I loved the Green Day-Gregorian Chant one.
posted by pseudonymph at 10:55 PM on September 14, 2014

The Hootie bit was hysterical. But now I just really want Iron Maiden to do a cover album of Katy Perry songs.
posted by scaryblackdeath at 12:01 AM on September 15, 2014

This is so good.
posted by Gordafarin at 12:57 AM on September 15, 2014

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