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Meet Weesha, a fashion blogger who lives in Dubai. She likes Wednesday Addams dresses, coordinating pink clothes and accessories, and bold flats. She's also quite open about her insecurities and personal history.

From the "About Weesha" page:
Weesha’s World is my little diary, I talk about plus size fashion, beauty, and basically share anything that inspires me. You might find the occasional rant about self acceptance and dealing with folks who think my body is any of their business. Whatever you’ve been through, I’ve done it too-the gym, starving, bulimia, depression, self harm- most women have and I’d really like to change that.
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Yay this is really great, thank you! I love her style.
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cool, thanks for posting!
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I wouldn't have minded an above-the-cut trigger warning for ED on the "personal history" link - it's something I've been struggling with and I wasn't expecting it - but I'm glad I clicked, if for this line alone:

An uncle told me I’ve put on a lot of weight and I should go jogging or take walks, and usually I would let it hurt me and not respond. Instead, I said, “ my weight is none of your business, you’re bald but do I point it out and tell you to grow hair?”. He shut up and my mom giggled about the whole thing.

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Enjoyed this very much - she is a delightful young woman!
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Faux-fur is luxe?
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This is wonderful! She's just so great in so many ways and her site is really beautiful. She photographs really well and she looks like she's having a blast! That shade of purple is one of my favorites and it really suits her. It's nice to see it in many different shots.

I don't really follow many fashion blogs, but this one is a gem. Thanks for posting!
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I'm so sorry about the lack of a trigger warning - thanks for pointing it out so I can include it in future on similar links.
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"Faux-fur is luxe?"

I don't know...

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Stunning young woman. This is fun! Thanks for posting.
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I'm from the same sort of cultural background and have had very similar weight-related experiences - so I particularly appreciated this. Have really been enjoying this blog and will be revisiting - thank you!
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Aw, she's adorable and I love her hair.

This also reminds me that I really should do a fashion blog, except I don't exactly have a photographer lying around to take nice shots like this.
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