Now here's a doozy of an ethical dilemma.
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Now here's a doozy of an ethical dilemma. Sometimes technology creates ethical problems, or un-solves ones we had previously solved. I'd be interested in how people answer the question posed in the title. Hmm?
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Nice one.

I don't think it's an ethical dilemma at all, myself. If the mother can terminate the father's parental rights because he's not the father, then there's no reason why the 'father' shouldn't be able to do that too.

Whether that's good for the child in question is entirely another matter, and depends on the circumstances.
posted by baylink at 6:41 PM on April 23, 2000

Yes, without hesitation support should be terminated. Further, the past support that has been paid to the mother, should be ordered reimbursed in full.

This country is on such wild eyed witch hunt to nab fathers and so called "dead beat dads", that judges and friends of the courts will settle for anything that even comes close. To imagine that there are hundreds and hundreds of cases such as this is inconceivable, no intolerable. Fatherhood has been reduced to a sick joke in this country, no one cares about the rights of a father to have a parental relationship with his children. His only recognized duty is financial.

This Washington state representative is leading the fight in her state to stop these ridiculus loopholes in the law.

As a father who has fought for his children tooth and nail and won, more than once. I feel as thought I have the authority and experience to voice an opinion... I hope it's not offensive to anyone.
posted by Dean_Paxton at 9:27 PM on April 23, 2000

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