"Elian and the Stormtrooper":
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"Elian and the Stormtrooper": that famous picture which people have wondered about, makes more sense as part of a sequence. The cameraman was just snapping away, and picked the one picture which was most dramatic. When you see it in context, it makes more sense. The agent had just entered the room and didn't know what he'd find (Great Uncle with a shotgun?).

Once he knew he'd found the kid, he clearly points his gun away.
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The more I look at it, the more it looks like something fishy is going on. If you look at his hair in the picture from during the raid, you'll see how his hair goes very definitely downward over his forehead; but then see his hair in the reunion photo-- it goes in a completely different direction. I think it will take examination by a real expert, say, a UFO buff, before this matter is fully resolved.
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Actually, other SWAT team members had the great uncle pinned down on a couch in the living room.
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From Bartcop...
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It'll be hard to debate today's pictures, since the family gave the roll of undeveloped film to the Washington D.C. Associated Press deputy photo chief, and let AP develop, inspect, and print the negatives.
Maybe the government finally perfected the Elian robot, though! I mean, how else can you explain why they waited three months to go in and rescue him from the Miami family -- they had to get all the glitches worked out of the robot. And since it is based on Windows 2000, they had to correct all the bugs, and Bill Gates kept hoarding the engineers to do his own dirty work, so the government clearly had to wait until everything was perfect. (Not to mention that damn pesky Roswell alien that kept eating the batteries in the robot...)
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(In case anyone wants the original source of the info on the Fred Sweets, the AP photo chief who handled the film and accounted for its authenticity, it is within the third section of this CNN article at the time of this posting.)
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Speaking of things that make more sense in context-- I'm still trying to figure out how that photographer got in there. "...photographer Alan Diaz, who - hearing a commotion - had gone into the house and was shown to the bedroom." Huh? If it's before the raid begins, then what's the commotion? If it's after, don't you think they would have been guarding the door?

I don't get it.
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Here's a piece on it from today's Slate, for those of you who still care. Or are bored.
And you really missed out if you didn't hear Rush this morning.
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On a related topic: Should Reno have gotten a court order to grab Elian?

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Apparently they did have a search warrant, which was constitutionally required to allow them to enter the house without permission from the owner. That's why breaking down the door wasn't "breaking and entering".
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