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I love the Hilda books, and I hate that they're only available in $24.00 hardbound editions. People complain about $4 books from DC/Marvel?
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They're utterly wonderful books (although I've not read the Midnight Giant one). I think they're worth every penny really.

Also, I've no idea if they're that well known in America, but Flying Eye/nobrow press put out loads of absolutely great things. Professor Astrocat, One Night Far From Here and 100 Bears are all bloody brilliant children's books. John McNaught's comics are lovely as well.

Also they do these really nice concertina books which are too expensive for me to ever really buy but look incredibly nice when you see them all folded out.

Essentially if I had more money I would spend it all on their books and I would not regret a thing.
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When our much-loved local children's bookshop closed earlier this year, they gave my daughters the shop's unsold Hilda vinyl figure. They knew I was a huge fan of Luke Pearson's work; I knew they were too. As a gift it was extraordinarily thoughtful and poignant. The girls just love the fact they can play with Hilda in their games.
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