Mark Your Calendars and Create Your Bookmarks and SCREAM!
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Fun Size Horror is a film collective which is creating enough variety of scares to make this Halloween really special. Starting October 27, five websites (DreadCentral, Bloody Disgusting, Shock Till You Drop, Hitfix, and Collider) will each host one of 31 horror shorts for 24 hours, and then the next day each will bring you a new horror short. The trailer for the entire series is on Vimeo. I assume you can get links and information from @FunSizeHorror on twitter.
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Looks like these could be fun! I know at least one of the filmmakers - there'll be some good stuff in there for sure. Seems like a smart and entertaining way to spread the concentrated seasonal attention across multiple sites and feature interesting filmmakers. October (obviously) is a great time for horror and even more so for horror filmmakers: it's the one magic month where everyone else in the world seems to feverishly sync up to the macabre headspace occupied year round by horror folks. People who otherwise want nothing to do with the horror genre just lap it up. Like pumpkin spice.

Since there are several weeks until these are released and you might need a brief fix of cinematic Halloweenishness before then, here's the similarly brief Halloween short series Shock Till You Drop (one of the sites participating in Fun Size Horror) did last year, curated by filmmaker Mickey Keating. I contributed an abstract, psychedelic short to the series called THE TRICK IS THE TREAT, narrated by PHANTASM's Angus Scrimm.
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