Don't expect them all to be Casablanca
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ComicsAlliance writer Benito Cereno has put together a collection of links to horror films available for streaming on Netflix this October: The Haunting of Netflix House 2: Your Sister is a Netflix
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This is nicely organized list; I like the "Horror and Horror-Adjacent Documentaries:" title.
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As I said about Night of the Creeps on Fanfare, any movie that credits Dick Miller as "Special Appearance by Dick Miller" is okay by me.

I really want to watch Never Sleep Again but that four hour length is just intimidating, like a dark boiler room of indeterminate size and layout.
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Very nice! I appreciate that he includes some of the weirder stuff like Beyond the Black Rainbow and Ichi the Killer. Does anyone know of a similar listing of Hulu horror? It looks like they have a ton, but I find their web and app interface frustrating.

On preview, I do notice that Cereno missed both Detention (previously) and John Dies at the End (also previously), but otherwise a finely curated list all around!
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On the other hand, Casablanca was complete shit as a horror movie. The kills were boring. All the gore got censored. Just not scary at all.
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Transylvania 6-5000 (Jeff Goldblum, Ed Begley Jr; not, uh, good in the traditional sense)
Yet so, so good in the non-traditional sense.
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I've seen a surprisingly large chunk of movies on this list, which probably suggests I need to re-assess my life choices*, and I very much approve. I think this Cereno fellow and I have similar tastes given his strong recommendations for the kind of new generation indie horror I adore (e.g., The House of the Devil, You're Next). Plus anyone who touts Pontypool while recognizing that Event Horizon is an objectively terrible movie is OK in my book.

If he's going to add Apollo 18, I would also recommened Europa Report, which is another found footage/faux documentary space monster movie, although it's heavier on the scifi then the horror. I would recommend against Last Days on Mars which is a space zombie movie also on Netflix right now which, while it has a couple good scares, is best described as "meh." I see that it did not make Cereno's list, so again, dude has good taste.

I'll second Strange Interlude's recommendations of Detention and JDATE, and also note that Strange Interlude would make for an excellent horror film title.

*OK, done. My broad and refined taste in horror films strongly suggests I will be the genre savvy character who survives in the case of monster outbreak and/or psycho-slasher attack. Go me! Time well spent!
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The list is good, and I also recommend clicking on the "the scariest 20 minutes in radio history" link at the bottom of the page, if you're in the mood for a very good 40s radio horror story.
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The House Of The Devil really is a must see, if only for its central conceit - that its actually an old school slow burn horror thriller from the late 70s. And it is DEAD FUCKING ON. Literally if you told me it was produced in 1979 I would've believed you in a second. It's like a dogma 95 thriller in spots, naturalistic acting and lighting and all - and if you can put up with the really really slow build up of tension , it has a huge release at the end.

I know it's not everyone's taste but if you're at all a fan of 70s style horror films I cannot recommend it enough.
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(also, You're Next, also part of this new generation of super cheap, super tight horror movies, is also really fucking good and slides in a nice little class warfare message.)
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Oh man, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is on there!
My buddy and I rented it without knowing anything about it because Alan Tudyk and it turned out to be really funny, a little bit touching, and over-the-top gory in the best way.

Joe Bob says check it out.
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Panjandrum, for a moment I thought you meant there was a horror movie about a Jewish dating site.
Also, there should be a horror movie about a Jewish dating site.
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Well, if Christian Mingle gets its own movie, then why not JDate?
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The House Of The Devil really is a must see

Agreed. I would also recommend The Innkeepers by the same director (also streaming on Netflix) for a good atmospheric, slow burn type of horror.
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Yeah, I really enjoyed both House of the Devil and The Innkeepers. Really well-done, the both. Might have to watch The Sacrament, now.
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Pontypool! Just saw it two days ago. Few random thoughts. No spoilers other than what you'd see in a trailer.

Perfect cross between a stage play and a radio play. I found the set restrictions really added to the tension, along with the long slow build before anything "happens". Lots of tension. Some of the acting felt uneven in parts but Stephen McHattie really carries it well.

Adding more (time/sets/characters/effects) to the movie would have meant also adding more dialogue and more exposition as to what was going on and the more it got talked about, the less stable the whole premise would become.

Taking the concept of "Language is a virus" to how would it behave if it were actually a virus was a pretty bold experiment, and I think Burroughs might've liked this extension of the idea.

Normal people in an abnormal situation trying to find roads to understanding rather than have someone in authority lay down the rules of the movie in a handy ten minute exposition - that was nice too. Love to see people taking chances with concepts like this rather than the latest shakey-cam misogynistic stabby rape-fest.
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Heh, Fright Night doesn't get enough love. I found V/H/S surprisingly good. From Dusk Till Dawn is great, and if you get a chance watch the TV series which is just as good. Troll Hunter is fun. Haven't seen The Stuff in forever but for some odd reason loved that movie when I was younger. Monsters and Europa Report should be required watching. Beyond the Black Rainbow takes... patience.

That said.

Pontypool Pontypool Pontypool Pontypool PontypoolPontypoolPontypoolPontypool PontypoolPontypool
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horror movie about a Jewish dating site


REBEKAH is typing away on a laptop, which is the only source of illumination.


REBEKAH: So you say you are a doctor?

JONZMD: I've performed a few mercy killings in my time. ;)

VOICE OVER: In a world where nice Jewish boys are so hard to find, he seemed like the perfect catch.


REBEKAH is eating a bagel with lox and talking on her cell phone.

REBEKAH: And get this, Esther, his uncle was a famous comedian back in the day! So he's smart and funny! If the picture he has up is recent then he really will be total package!


REBEKAH: What does my mother think? Well, you know how she is, but Jon shouldn't be such a hard sell. I mean, he's a doctor! A very successful surgeon even!


MOTHER: So you say this nice Jewish doctor boy you found is coming to join us? I'm as skeptical as a Jewish mother about him! Meeting people on the internet? Whatever happened to real life? Oy vey! But maybe he can look at this mole and tell me if I should get it removed.

FATHER: We'll if he's coming he better hurry, we've already got one seat saved for Elijah.



REBEKAH's face turns from excitement to horror.

VO: But sometimes, even the perfect catch needs to be thrown back....

JON: Did you need someone to explain why this night is different from all other nights? Well, why not Zoidberg?


JON (voice over): Yes, I do think that mole need to come off. WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP!!!!

VO: This seder, will you need to make the...


The table is in disarray, there is blood streaked on the walls, a dimly lit figure is hunched the table, eating... something. He stops starts to turn towards the camera, his sagittal fin crest extending.

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The Fanfare post on Pontypool, since it keeps coming up (as it should, because it is great).
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This time of year is when I really miss watching Joe Bob Briggs with my parents. Thanks for the post! I've been meaning to check out the Innkeepers.
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Okay you guys I just watched The Den and while it has problems it is much, much better than "horror movie about Skype" would lead you to believe. It touches in a lot of online issues like harassment and creepypics, and kinda exists entirely in a 21st century idom.

Also I said I liked it in twitter and the director responsed and given the online stalking theme in the movie I kind of jumped.
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omg you guys Night Of The Creeps is an on purpose campy homage to classic horror with a prom queen with a flamethrower and a horde of undead frat bros AND a remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space omg
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We Are What We Are is a very slow, very mature and emotionally complex and taut movie about a family recovering from a loss who also happen to be SERIAL KILLERS
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The real horror of Netflix will be revealed when it achieves sentience.
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V/H/S has a lot of great scary tension but V/H/S 2 is really fun.
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Okay The Caller trots some well worn high concept twilight-zone-y territory but it's a good version of that story and all the horror is based in like, stalking and harassment and domestic violence which are ...things that really exist and even as a horror fan this movie creeped me out a little.
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The Howling II reference makes me happy.

Sadly not on the list otherwise I would rec it just for the band and Chris Lee wearing sunglasses.
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Berberian Sound System doesn't appear to be listed. That is a major, major recommend.
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Burke and Hare is hilarious and I'm kind of surprised I hadn't heard of it before.
Resolution is fantastic as a slow burn horror film. Really good.
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Burke And Hare ends on the Proclaimers cause IT WASN'T SCOTTISH ENOUGH MORE SCOTTISH THINGS MORE
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Okay the list is right that The Awakening falls apart in the end but the mood and handsome cinematography is enough - plus if you're the kind of person for whom The sentence "Lady author in 1921 trying to debunk hauntings" appeals, you'll dig it.
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(I didn't like Resolution as much, it meanders, and the reveal is way too last minute. Frustrating cause it felt like it was a rewrite away from being really good.)
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Yeah, Resolution doesn't have any big happenings, but I thought it was kind of fun for it's metafictional aspects. Not bad for an indie.
Has anyone watched Kill List? Because you totally should not watch it.
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yay metafilter makes my holiday brighter as it often does--was sick yesterday with some gross lung thing everyone's got, so i didn't have a chance to go out in my anita sarkeesian outfit, boo (it took all my strength just to carve my kingdom of loathing pumpkin, bleh). but this morning i watched house of the devil thanks to this thread and, as a child of the '80s, really enjoyed the hell out of it, especially the little attention to details like set design of institutional buildings and how everything was so brown back then. of course my husband then had to leave for work at 3pm and i'll be alone in the house until midnight. not smart!
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