knot just a scarf
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Arietta Yin lists over 120 ways to wear a silk scarf with tutorials and photographs.
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There sure are a lot of cool ideas in this post. Plus some great modelling!
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Thank you! I always end up looking like a pirate babushka at church and this has way more options than I've found before.
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"a pirate babushka at church" would make an excellent prompt for a short story or comic
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A nice companion to this previous post.
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Are scarves becoming fashionable in the states nowadays? Muslim women's scarves in Malaysia change styles and fashions very very fast among young people. Here's a blog with instructions for some current looks.
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Very creative! I like this very much. It's too bad scarves are only very cold-weather wear for me. I'm not sure whether winter is long enough to try them all.
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I don't think I could ever pull off wearing a scarf as a top, skirt, or dress; even if I had a scarf large enough and opaque enough, I'd still be constantly afraid of the knots slipping loose. (I shy away from the "one hundred ways to wear!" dress/skirt things for the same reason - most of the variations involve some precarious-looking winding and knotting.) It's pretty cool to see them being used that way, though.
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I've only done pretty simple ties with them, but I wear sarongs as skirts sometimes, generally over shorts so I don't worry about accidentally flashing anyone if it comes undone.
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Hmmm. For the 10% or so of ideas that would actually be wearable for someone like me who is not a petite young thing with long hair, I found the tutorials hard to figure out what's actually going on.
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I found the YouTube demo in the link salad posts above very helpful (music is very well-matched, and the normal-speed-now-slowmotion-speed works incredibly well in a demo).

I've only mined three of the styles from that video - I feel I have much to learn, scarf-wise. "The European" seems to suit me 99.99% of the time though, so I lack scarfiosity.

The static grid pattern is also good for a demo, though. Nice FPP.
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