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If you don't want to bother with a program like GIFGrabber or GIFBrewery to make a YouTube video clip into a looping GIF animation, simply add "GIF" to a YouTube URL you get a tool to make a quick looping GIF! Or you can go to to enter a YouTube URL, and view creations from other folks.

Original post from Hacker News, which notes there is a problem with VEVO music videos, and that this is an unofficial add-on to YouTube, so it might not always work, or even get taken down by Google. Also, credit to Tech Crunch for GIFGrabber and GIFBrewery.
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Last note: the raffle video is from the 100,000th user number contest. If you're wondering why User 100,00 is still "100k-reserved," it's because the account was saved for the son of jamaro.
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Must see.
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We need the reverse for facebook. A website that converts animated gifs into videos so they autoplay in the timeline. Someone get on that.
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This is genuinely useful. Well done internets.
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Yesterday was the first time I ever made a gif, and I was so sad that it didn't work when I posted it on facebook. Anyway, this was a lot easier than whatever I googled up yesterday, so thanks. Here's the seasonally appropriate result.
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See also
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I give them bonus points for retaining a link back to the original video, so if you like the cat who refuses to be walked on a leash, you can see the slightly longer video.
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