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These three artists represent why "horror" is such a large umbrella, as the three artists couldn't be more different. Cronenberg was known, before his recent foray into gritty crime films and psychosexual biopics, for Freudian body horror, Landis for rather batty comedies sometimes borrowing from conventions (and castmembers) of 1970s Hammer horror films, and John Carpenter for sometimes chuckleheaded action-scifi-horror films with a pulpy sensibility and a wild sense of humor (and, sometimes, a perfectly Lovecraftian premise).

I'd say that this illustrates the meaninglessness of the term "horror," except that I love all three filmmakers and love that horror is broad enough to encompass all three. And all three are hilarious.
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David Cronenberg is a horror-movie director??? But his films are all comedies: "At Cannes, someone said, 'Have you ever considered making a comedy?' And I said, 'I’ve done nothing but.'"

No, seriously, he goes on to explain: "Not maybe the traditional definition of a comedy, where it ends with a feel-good kind of thing, but for me, there is an observed and humorous aspect to the human condition and, of course, exploring the human condition is really what art is about. And I can’t imagine not having humor be part of it. I just can’t imagine it."
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I recently rewatched an old John Landis favorite of mine - American Werewolf In London - but was disappointed to find that it has not aged well. :(
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Remember that film that goes all meta about a psychopath film director who kills three actors on set? That was a spooky one.
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fairmettle -- Really??? I have found the complete opposite! That's fascinating, though. Would you please elaborate as to why? I am quite curious!
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"currently working on the thing"
"currently working on a new film called videodrome"

Ohhhh man. Cancel all my calls today.
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If David Cronenberg truly believes that he makes exclusively comedies, then he must feel like a colossal failure at his chosen medium, given 99% of his viewers' reactions to his films. Also, the parameters he describes in that quote would mean that to him, any film of any genre that accurately explores the human condition would have to be considered a comedy.

(I know, I know...He's just having some fun with us...)
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American Werewolf In London

You just reminded me that when Mrs. Example and I find ourselves in the more rural and remote parts of the UK, one of us will inevitably turn to the other and ask in his or best Gormless American Backpacker "What's that star on the wall for?".
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I'll admit that Dead Ringers had me laughing in a squicked out, oh-no-he-didn't kind of way. A lot.
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yeh, the cronenberg 'they're all comedies' thing is a bit like charlie stross's argument that The Ipcress File is actually a horror novel: on one level, he actually believes it, but he's mostly trying to make a point.
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as far as landis making 'goofy' movies: yes, but they often had some really genuinely scary moments, and those worked in part because of their goofiness.

of the three of these guys cronenberg is the only one I genuinely enjoy, but that's mostly because until recently I haven't cared much for horror or horror-comedy. these are extremely skilled folks, though, and it's great to see the contrasts between them.
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YES. Thank you!
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YES. Thank you!
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Are we still doing eponysterical?

Anyroad, one doesn't cast Jeff Goldblum in a role in which he turns into an insect-hybrid without having a sense of humor. In fact, all it needs is a poke in the right direction to turn it into a rom-com.
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Michael Ironside, the veteran actor, took part in a fantastic Reddit AMA yesterday. One of his best answers was a personal story about David Cronenberg that might explain a few things:
David uses the same crew people and the same creative people, he has a small or extended family, creative family. SO a lot of people had been in the trenches with David before when we did Scanners. I was the newbie.

And David is a very straight, very middle class, average looking person with glasses and an inappropriate haircut and inappropriate shirt. And he came on set one day and said: "I had a dream last night."

And I said "What was it about?"

And I noticed people started to walk away until i was the only one standing there. And he said "I had a dream last night, and my POV was of the ground, and it was a sandy kind of ground, and then vomit started to land on the sandy ground, and it was quite a lot of vomit, and then this wind started to come up and cover the vomit in sand and dust, and the vomit kept coming, and coming..."

He says "And then I felt safe, and satisfied, and relaxed again. And then another wind came, and when the sand had blown away, the vomit had formed into a shape of my naked body, laying on the ground."

He said "I found that very interesting."

I nodded and said "Yeah, that's really, really interesting."

Thankfully we were called to set and had to go shoot a scene. 3 days later, David was standing on set, and he said "I had a dream last night..." and one of my costars said "Really, what did you dream?"

And I walked away with everybody else, and left that person standing there to hear.

And that's a true fucking story.
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No really, context is everything, what's funnier than exploding heads?
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I roomed with a cinema geek in college, and he and his buddies thought the whole 'exploding head' thing was hilarious.
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Damn! I was just about to post that Ironside story. It's one of the most Cronenbergy stories I've ever heard.
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No really, context is everything, what's funnier than exploding heads?

Exactly! And the context in question of the infamous Scanners scene is a boring company presentation, given by a balding and bespectacled guy who looks like he ought to be in HR, that starts out with all the menacing suspense of an Uri Geller appearance. One of the corporate suits volunteers as to be the Scanner's test subject and starts making these weird faces during the demonstration, and then corporate Scanner guy starts making even weirder faces, until we get the biggest surprise in science fiction horror since John Hurt's disagreement with the suggestion that the food ain't that bad, man.
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Oh, that Michael Ironside AMA is great. Highlander II makes a lot more sense now.
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There are some more Mick Garris interviews and footage at his website (previously).
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An old coworker of mine is doing these with Mick. Good on ya, [name redacted]!
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