Afrofuturism: The New Wave
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A New Wave of Black Filmmaking: Experimental and Black Speculative Indie Films "A brief survey of the contemporary Black independent film scene yields a long and ever-growing list of experimental and Black speculative (including horror, Afrofuturism, sci-fi, fantasy, fan fiction) short cinema, film trailers, music videos and other projects. (/The Atlanta Black Star)

There are enough Black experimental and speculative films out there to warrant their own festivals and screening series.

The BlackStar Film Festival, for example, is an annual, Philly-based film festival focused on work by and about people of African descent, featuring films that are often overlooked from directors, writers and producers working in narrative, documentary, experimental and music video filmmaking. This past year, BlackStar screened The Next Movement: Experimental Shorts, featuring, among others, Afronauts directed by Frances Bodomo (trailer), moonrising directed by Terrance Nance (full film), and Negus: Lee “Scratch” Perry directed by Invernomuto (short trailer).

The Future Weird, a Brooklyn-based short film screening series curated by Derica Shields and Megan Eardley, features sci-fi, experimental, speculative and weird short films by directors from Africa and the Global South envisioning the future.

Black Radical Imagination is a traveling short film series that focuses on futuristic, surreal, sci-fi, and experimental narratives that provide visions and commentary on post-modern society through the state of current Black culture."


Moonrising - Short film by Terence Nance (of An Oversimplification of Her Beauty) Extra-Celestial beings escape the vagabondary bound to their psyche on foot.

Pumzi, a post-apocalyptic short sci-fi film by Kenyan director Wanuri Kahiu,

Noise Gate by Donovan Vim Crony, an experimental sci-fi short film about a dimensional traveling scientist who is in search of the ultimate reality. is a web series of short sci-fi films written and directed by veteran and emerging indie filmmakers, many of whom are people of color.

Les Saignantes by Jean Pierre Bekolo, is a futuristic homoerotic thriller with political overtones (screened by Future Weird).

Touch (Short Film) Directed by Shola Amoo (screened by Future Weird).

The Last Angel of History by John Akomfrah - The Last Angel of History is a 45 minute 1996 documentary that deals with concepts of Afrofuturism as a metaphor for the displacement of black culture and roots. The film is a hybrid documentary and fictional narrative (screened by Future Weird, description from Wikipedia) - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

The Changing Same by Cauleen Smith - An Alien is sent to earth to investigate the "incubators." She discovers that she is replacing a rogue agent. She questions her mission.

Get the Bones from 88 Jones Because She Also Eats Meat, short film by Lauren Kelley

Previously more cinematic fun times from Africa.
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Brazilian hip-hop artist Criolo fits within this mold with his "Duas de Cinco + Cóccix-ência" short. It's as if City of God took place in 2044.
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Keith Adkins is another black film maker and the pilot for his post-apocalyptic series is up on Youtube: the Abandon.
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All Janelle Monáe's music videos would fit this category too.
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