Things to Come
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Sofia Samatar: It’s on the internet (laughter). It calls itself a pan-African writers collective. There’s currently in process an issue on Afro-futures, and I’m one of the guest editors, and it’s exciting to see, because the majority of the writers we’ve received stories about are based in Africa, though there are also some African diaspora writers involved. I think that once we get ourselves in gear and get the issue out, it’s going to be very exciting. I think it’s something that going to be very important as an intervention in the discourse on Afro-futurism, because it’s very much coming from the African perspective.
Pan-African writers collective Jalada has released their second anthology: Jalada 02: Afrofuture(s).

Part 1: Intermission: Panel Conversation on Afro-futurism between Nnedi Okorafor and Sofia Samatar at the University of Texas.

Part 2: Afterword: "Things to Come" (Transcript) by Aaron Bady

Bonus: Credits.

Jalada 00: Sketch of a bald woman in semi-nude and other stories and Jalada 01: Sext Me poems and stories are still available.
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Super. Thanks for this.
posted by glasseyes at 12:01 PM on April 12, 2015

This looks really good, I am looking forward to reading these.
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"Rebel Music and the African Country" By Richard Ali.

Damn that's a great essay. A manifesto for this whole enterprise almost.
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Amazing post.
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