The Phantasmagoric Work of Mr. Gober
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Robert Gober's 40-year survey "The Heart is Not a Metaphor" is now on view at the MoMA, and it's a fantastic freakin' spectacle to the eye.
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I saw this exhibition last week. It was really cool.
The piece with the open suitcase containing a pond and some legs was my favourite.

But I got really really annoyed by the piece consisting of black wallpaper with white drawings of genitals on it - the penises were really clear and well drawn, and the vulvas looked like they'd been drawn by someone who had never seen one, but had read about them in prudish books. Do some research, dude!
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I'm jealous - my sister was just at MoMA attempting to wash the taste of Jeff Koons out of her eyes, and this would have definitely been a bracing antidote.
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Hunh---I'd never heard of this artist, but this sounds really neat. Thanks!
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Today's quiet misogyny: Penises drawn better than vulvas.
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I just went to see this today with flex and The Whelk. It is an astonishingly powerful exhibit.
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A fantastic way to end my trip in NYC: having this exhibition artsplained to me earlier today by fabulous tourist guide The Whelk & his verbal-sparring nemesis rorgy. One piece in particular (the 9/11 symbolic church + chapels with the crucifix) hit me in a very personal, deeply emotional way - so unexpected & lovely. Overall quite visceral & definitely worth seeing.
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I found this show to be perplexing and impenetrable. The suitcase on the floor was, however, very cool. For those who did not like the black genitalia room, I hope you didn't miss the white bag sculpture on the pedestal in the center of the room. It was filled with doughnuts!!
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just a smaller room full of holes that bag of doughnuts.
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