Scifi and comets
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How do you get the world excited about space exploration? With a promotional scifilm. Come see Ambition produced by the European Space Agencacy (ESA) to promote excitement about Rosetta's mission and upcoming landing of the space probe Philae on the Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in November.

If you want to catch up as to what Rosetta has been doing over the last decade or see a visualization of highlights (as it passes by Mars in 2007) or goes into hibernation in 2011, wakes up in 2014.

A quick overview of the Rosetta and Philae's mission

Previously (a selfie of Rosette with the comet) and previously

Related and previously (Seven Mnutes of Terror produced by NASA to generate generate excitement about the Curiosity rover landing on Mars in 2012)
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I've seen this trailer being promoted all over the place, and couldn't figure out what the fuck it was supposed to be.
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"In this image, we’re looking at the underside of the larger lobe of Comet 67P/C-G, which provides another look at boulder Cheops (lower left frame; see here and here for previous views) and a much more detailed look at the feature-rich surrounding terrain."
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It has dunes!
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The typo "European Space Agencacy" is fascinating in a way reminiscent of the poem "lighght."
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A promotional sci (fi) film about a spaceship landing on a comet.
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"In this image, we’re looking at the underside of the larger lobe of Comet 67P/C-G

Ah...yeah. Right there. That looks like a good place to land.
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What, not comments wondering why Baelish is teaching nuSansa?!

Honestly, if you want to get the general public really excited about space, you're going to have to stick an HD video camera on the spaceship, sacrificing some science experiment. And that's still no guarantee.

Scifi movies and tv shows have generated huge expectations about what space travel should be like and the mundane reality leaves people with the scifi equivalent of the CSI effect. most of the public is expecting quick jaunts around the system, in artificial gravity while nibbling on fine cuisine as they want for their turn on the holodeck. The reality of watching over experiment, while tinkering or fixing parts of the ISS and having to exercise for two hours a day, so your body isn't a complete wreck after 6 months of weightlessness is a bit of let down.

I hear the view is spectacular though.
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Baelish my ass. That's Tommy Carcetti.
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