Rosetta Stone II
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The Rosetta Project In Spaaaace. Agh, it's a great concept... I just wish they'd made the text something a little more secular. The aliens will probably take it all too literally.
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I can see it now--"Take us to your...yahweh."
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I for one welcome...ok.
Didn't any of these people see 'Contact' with Jody Foster. If they want to create any kind of message that will survive the test of time/distance it needs to be based on mathematics and then tied in to science/(the physical world) through the periodic table and then ultimately 'foggified' a bit as inexact linguistic concepts are pictorially represented.

Finally although they have information on American (and other) Sign Languages at their site why did they not include it as one of the 1,000 or at least have it as the 1001st since it, of all languages, has the best chance to be the key to unlocking all the others. I am learning ASL
and it is a very intuitive language since it grounds concepts in physical reality as much as possible. I imagine the difficulties would be in representing all the movements but these could be represented by a series of diagrams. I figure it would be worth dumping a couple hundred of the more obscure languages and including this most universal of languages.
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A section of Newton's Principia Mathematica would have been a better choice. Just my opinion, of course.
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Bad news for Rosetta--they're now going to look for a different comet to land on.
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My first reaction was also to the religious content—but then I remembered that Bible bits are the only things that have been translated into so many obscure languages.
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Good point languagehat, but they could perhaps add the second-most translated work, the phrase "any similarity to any real persons living or dead is purely coincidental".
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