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Journey dot Africa. Fancy three hours of primo African music with Idris Elba as your guide? BBC Radio 2 and the iPlayer has you covered.

Artists played on the three shows Elba's just completed for the station include Fela Kuti, The Mahotella Queens, Miriam Makeba, Amadou & Miriam, Franco, Tinariwen, King Sunny Ade and Ali Farka Toure. The link for the first show expires in 11 days, so don't wait too long.
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Because of course he is good at literally EVERYTHING.

(seriously though thanks, this is cool).
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Yay, just what I needed - so many of my favorites. This is how to start the coming week off with the right vibe! Thanks, Paul Slade.
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Women want him and men...want him.
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Dude's spinning mostly stuff I've heard before, but hey, I'm an African music freak from waaay back, so, he's forgiven.

Hell of a fine actor. Loved him in The Wire, and DIDN'T know he was a musician himself.

Thanks for the post, Paul Slade.
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Dude's spinning mostly stuff I've heard before,

Well, it's Radio 2, it's obligatory...

Speaking of actors who also do radio shows for the BBC, Craig Charles off off Red Dwarf has his own long running funk 'n soul show on 6music which may be of interest to people like Elba's show.
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