24 Veterans, 100 Tattoos, 1000 Stories
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War Ink launches on 11.11.14. They have released a video previewing what it is about. The Clark County Historical Museum had a similar exhibit with its own video.
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Thank you for posting this.

My wife was in the army and in OIF, and I've heard her say every one of the things the veterans in the video said, down to "I had my path and now I don't know where it is anymore" (or as she likes to say "I was finally getting good at being in the army and I got injured and had to get out.")
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This looks interesting - I'll have to check back on the 11th.
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The videos were good, hearing the veterans speak in their own words. I have family and friends who were career armed forces and it'll stay with them their whole lives. The best of times, the worst of times.
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It's live, and ... wow. Just wow.
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