The craft of surgery
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Pretty interesting, thanks. Would have been fun to see each try their hand at the other task.

Also, only noticed at the end, that he really is called Dr. Kneebone. !
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Please tell me that Dr. Kneebone has at some point hooked up with a Dr. Legbone.

now hear the word of the lord
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Very cool. Forgive me, but surgeons are weird and yet the tailor seems even stranger. I like the opposition - like in "Fast, loose and out of control." ( Errol Morris movie)
posted by From Bklyn at 5:05 AM on November 14, 2014

I really thought they should have finished by sewing a human skin suit ala Silence of the Lambs. Or at least, you know, a flesh toque or something...
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I am reminded of Doctor McCoy in the ST:TOS episode "City on the Edge of Forever" in his drug-induced mania ranting about how barbaric 20th century medicine was, "cutting and stitching people like garments!"
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Why did Dr. Kneebone need to put the gloves on for his demonstration? Odd, as if he can't do the stitching without them.
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He probably can't do it without gloves. It's the same reason sushi chefs get up in arms about California trying to get them to wear gloves while preparing food--it interferes with how the skill was learned and mastered initially.
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Because he is touching bits of intestine? Even when he is working on the model you can see the intestine already laid out there and they probably did his demo sections in one set.
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