Zombies + poi
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Thriller haka. From the closing credits of Taika Waititi's 2010 film Boy.

Taika Waititi previously on MetaFilter.
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I loved this movie.
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I only noticed this recently and now I've been seeing it everywhere. It seems that everywhere else in the world is on board with men wearing leggings or tights underneath shorts. Yet another way that the US is lagging.
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Needs more Vincent Price.
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I liked the Tor Johnson facsimile at 1:01.
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Super cool. Reminded me, for no clear reason, of these closing credits from Zatoichi, which (if you haven't seen them) are also delightful.
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Needs more poi! Also, the little dude with the tongue is killing me.
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I loved this movie and I love the closing credits! Yay, thanks for posting.
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See also this. (1983 version of Poi-E at ngataonga.org)

It has nothing to match Poi-E, but Taika Waititi's latest, What We Do in the Shadows, also features zombies, plus vampires and werewolves. (Disclaimer: cameo appearances by two of my nieces.)
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Firstly, if the Mighty All Blacks were caught doeng that haka, they'd be forced to wear tutus to practice.

MJ jacket guy is Taika totally enjoying himself (as he did during the whole movie) and the kid to his right is James Rolleston (Boy).

The real star of the movie, however, was Rocky, and his super power.
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