Stink-eye? Or bored-eye? More like bird-eye: the shoebill's steady gaze
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"A few days ago, my son, Lucas, and I took the train to Prague for his school break. Usually, when I visit a city, my first port of call is whatever passes for a botanical garden but when he told me that Prague’s zoo contained not only giant salamanders but also two pairs of shoebills, I could not resist the temptation..." (John Burnside's essay in The New Statesman.)

A bit more about the shoebill from Wikipedia - which has this short video.
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that is the ugliest muppet i've ever seen
posted by mullacc at 11:00 AM on November 20, 2014 [1 favorite]

Shoebill is watching you.

(Are those eyes a bit more forward facing than most birds?)
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I love botanical gardens. Zoos not so much, but I'd go there for a stare from a shoebill.
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The shoebill isn't angry. It's just very, very disappointed.
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