This spider rollin', they hatin', and tryin' to catch it to host larvae
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The (Golden) Wheel spider is a huntsman spider native to the Namib Desert of Southern Africa. Like most other huntsman spiders, Wheel spiders don't spin webs, but build burrows in the sand that are reinforced by their silk, in an attempt to hide from their primary predators, the parasitic Pompilid or Spider Wasp. Enter the gymnastic abilities (and source of the name) for the Wheel spider, where the spider will curl up and roll down slope up to 1 meter per second to escape. But Wheel spider isn't the only huntsman to utilize a unique method to flee down hill. There's also the Moroccan flic-flac spider, named for the flic-flac motion of some gymnastic maneuvers (German video; turn on captions and translation for some assistance; description in English). The movement of this spider have inspired some robot designs (more information). And there are other "wheeling" insects, because it's faster to roll than run downhill. If the documentary footage of the Golden Wheel spider is all too serious, here are some clips of the Wheel spider set to music: let the good times roll, and this spider rollin' they hatin'.
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Spider, you the wheel MVP.

I am so sorry.
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Meanwhile, in the desert...
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This is so fascinating but I am very conflicted because I do not want to look at spiders at all and yet I really do aaagghh
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For the videos of crazy-impressive spider maneuvers, see gymnastic abilities of Golden Wheel spider, and the movement of the flic-flac spider that inspired a new robot design. And watch the silly soundtrack clips at the end of the original post.
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That second to last link in the OP was excellent!

"I hate cheer and stability."
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Yes, I know! Beyond the addition of a soundtrack, it adds a whole story, with families to feed and significant points of view for the characters.
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Thanks for this post; I am right now preparing a presentation on the ecology of spiders to a general audience and this will help in my shock and awe campaign to change the reputation of spiders.
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So brilliant! I had never seen these videos!
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Wow, this is great! The footage of the flic-flac spider is begging to have a zoidberg "whoop whoop whoop" audio track.
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Wow, that tag list.
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Reminds me of this classic spider video.
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