Elizabethan Costume Page
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Elizabethan Costume Page. From patterns and instruction to social history, and lots of resources collected therein. [via]
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Love the content, but- just like in the case of a talk I went to recently on campus in which the text on the slides was rendered in the font- I tend to question, and take ever so slightly less seriously, anything presented in comic sans.
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Sure, those neck ruffs were cool and all, but did they have 300+ color changing LEDs in them? (video) disclaimer: self-link
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I do enjoy some costume porn with historical documentation.
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If you read the bit where she takes you through dressing "Cecily" you will probably need to sit down and thank God you only ever have to wear business casual. Never have my yoga pants felt so wonderful.

Only royalty wearing traditional garb and women wearing very elaborate wedding dresses really come close to that amount of clothing complexity. And even they fall short, given the invention of things like elastic and zippers that relieve them from having to be sewn into their clothes.
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Oh man, this is bad, bad, terrible timing. I pulled out some cotehardies and a mostly-completed Italian Ren from my basement just last night, and was wondering if it was time to try Tudor again. I have duct tape for my corset pattern and sufficient cable ties for the boning*, I think ...

* Warning: Here be PDF
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No wonder she was the Virgin Queen. By the time she stripped down just as far as her farthingale the guy would be half asleep!
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