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Bob Marley's One Love - The Official Fan-Made Video

BACK STORY: This video contest was started over the summer as a celebration of the new limited edition, Marley-inspired, Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor 'Satisfy My Bowl'. Proceeds from the sale of this flavor will go support the 1Love Foundation and PYE, who have come together and created a new youth empowerment camp for underserved children in Jamaica.
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Never examined (or even listened to) the lyrics before, never realized that this is a religious song.
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Surprisingly few people in few locations; hippies seem under-represented.
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I would like to see the two young girls singing the entire song.
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Ogre, you may prefer the Playing For Change group's cover.
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Yay! Made my day! Thank you for the post and thank you, mods, for allowing it!

As everyone probably knows by now, I'm a white (thus privileged) old lady. I've lived a lot and had a great time in my life, though there have certainly been hard times, but overall it's been a good ride. But - there are still things to learn.

About 15 years ago I was walking home one day and went past an apartment building when I heard my first Bob Marley music - it was blasting out a window on the first floor. I just stood there - for maybe a few seconds - but couldn't stand still for very long - how can anyone stand still listening to this music? I went in and knocked at the door where the music was coming from and this man answered the door - he was so tall he looked like he had to duck his head to go through the door and he was built like a pro football player, and he was black. I must have looked like an idiot - I was bouncing around to the music, dancing out there in the hall, and we were strangers. I told him I heard the music from out on the sidewalk and I just HAD to know what it was - WHO was moving my cranky old body like it hadn't moved in years? He just laughed and talked to me about Bob Marley and reggae and played a couple of his favorites for me. Then he asked me if I had any empty cassettes at home and of course I did so danced home and got a couple and he copied the music off for me; he was so friendly and happy it rubbed off on me and OMG! I had found THE music that I would never be able to sit still for ever - the music of my heart.

Still is - oh, my, yes indeed. Why haven't I listened to it in so long?

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Never examined (or even listened to) the lyrics before, never realized that this is a religious song.

All reggae music is Jehhova's music. (Jah Rastafari!)
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Bob Marley has cme closer to giving me religion than Catholic school, born-again coworkers, Mormon evangelists, JW door-knockers, or Jack Chick comics. Proselytizers, take note - go smoke a bowl, and make some righteous music.
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I had found THE music that I would never be able to sit still for ever - the music of my heart.

If it hasn't been done already, someone really needs to write a sociology of how people connect to immediately to Bob Marley's music. His music created an amazing space of simultaneously pushing boundaries without being offensive or challenging, and always sounding like his music is addressing the listener directly, and decades later people are still having these intense personal encounters with it. Everywhere I've been in the world you will eventually hear some Marley music on the radio or in a cafe, and I don't know how you would begin to even try to calculate the economic impact it has had on Jamaica's tourist industry.

It's something like the popularity of the Beatles but with much deeper international reach and influence, and the personal connection felt by Jimmy Buffet fans. I can't think of any other musician that has had that a similar connection and reach.

The video is sweet and it was interesting to try and guess what cities scenes were filmed in, but as noted there was a distinct dearth of hippies and some of the people weren't perhaps the most fluid of dancers.
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