Lyrical Extinction
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Wild Ones Live is an arresting reading accompanied by music, a collaboration performed as part of a live magazine by author Jon Mooallem, a science and nature writer whose book Wild Ones ruminates on the strange, ignorant, hopeful and poignant ways humans imagine other animals, and the musical project Black Prairie. Listen at your desk if you must, but if you can, pop in your earbuds and go outside for a long walk while you take it all in.

Mooallem's writing is terrific. Find more on Wired, where he does a regular column on This Week's Weirdest Human/Animal Encounters, on Longform, where much of his NYT writing is archived (I highly recommend the Crazy Ants story), on Twitter and on TED, where he lays down the goods on why we have Teddy Bears but not Billy Possums.

Here's a brief backstory about how the Black Prairie collaboration came about. Black Prairie is a project featuring members of the Decemberists and other bands.

Finally, big shoutout to the podcast 99% Invisible, where I first heard this over the holidays in a rebroadcast episode.
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Yay! This is my favourite hour of audio ever so far. Such a fantastic story arc and payoff with excellent music as bonus. (I also heard it through 99PI)
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I can't favorite this enough. I've listened to it a million times, but I still tear up at the image of a man and a crane dancing, dancing.
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The song "Dear Sir" makes me bawl every time I hear it.
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