February 9, 2002
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Got a taste for quasi-celebrity schadenfreude? Then glut yourself on the promotional materials of C-tier entertainers at the Hal Morris Museum. Care to slip down another couple of rungs on the ladder of fame? Have a look at the Celebrities of Real Estate. (thanks, Misterpants!)
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Successful real estate people are not like you and me. They are a different breed of animal.....I know a lot of them through my work....very ego-driven...very insecure when you get to know them deep down.

You just about have to be that way to be a success in that line of work. It isn't for sissies, and it isn't for quiet people who like to blend in like wallpaper.

But standing on the sidelines, like I do, oh what a fascinating world....odd, but fascinating.
posted by bunnyfire at 6:56 AM on February 9, 2002

Oh man, I totally heart those real estate ads:

as a child in war torn europe, yettie experienced the horrific trauma and strife of the second world war. though she doesn't often like to talk about it, the perseverance she demonstrates today as a devoted wife, caring mother and consummate professional are surely a result of enduring that tragic early period of her life. -- Yettie Peper's real estate brochure. That's fantastic.

Also, for a real estate agent, she's awfully invested in a postmodern avoidance of capital letters.
posted by RJ Reynolds at 10:07 AM on February 9, 2002

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