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Violet Pietrok was born with a Tessier Cleft, a skull defect. Surgeons at Boston Children's Hospital used 3-D prints of her skull to practice before cutting into Violet's own skull to repair the damage.
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That's pretty amazing. I know of a hospital near me that has started to use 3D prints of children's hearts to plan operations. We're really living in the 21st century.
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Even before reading the article, this just sounds like a fantastic idea.
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This is exactly what I needed to read about this morning to restore my appreciation for so many things. Great find, thank you.
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I freakin love the future.
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This really is unfuckingreal. It's been so much fun over especially the last few years to sit back every once in a while and just not be able to say anything smarter than "wow."
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My father (an ENT doctor) used to use carrot slices to practice deviated septum and other nasal surgeries. With a scalpel on a plate in front of the TV. He would eat his mistakes.
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There was a terrific recent New Yorker piece on "How 3-D Printing is Revolutionizing Medicine." I'm not sure if it's paywalled or not.
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Here in the UK, there's currently a magazine available that lets you collect the parts to build a 3D printer. It's only a few quid, and it blows my mind a little that young children will have access to something like a 3D printer. In the next 10-15 years, I think we're going to see an explosion of invention and new technology, because so many people now have access to things that enable them to create. Kids can knock things up in their own bedrooms and get the stuff they need cheaply.

Not quite on the same level as repairing someone's skull, but still pretty cool.
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Wow. I'm so happy for that child.
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