Rambo Day
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"Visiting somebody around here?" Rambo Day was on July 26, 2014. Dana Saint was getting married in August . . . — for a few minutes, go back to the '80s, a world where new Internet stunt videos are not posted every day and enjoy a bunch of friends celebrating marriage the only way they know how, by re-enacting the apex of Stallone's canon.
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That was awesome. What a great group of friends. Creative, funny, and loving. His wife to be is lucky to be marrying into that group! (I wish I could be John J Rambo for a day.)
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That is pretty much the perfect day. I liked how excited he was at the idea of the handball canon, asking if he could shoot someone with it, and his friend saying, essentially, "dear god no!"
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Just spent twenty minutes with a stupid grin on my face. Thanks so much. He's a lucky guy to have such friends, and to have had such a day.
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The world would be a a lot better if he teamed up with the Soviets in Afghanistan instead of helping the Taliban. In hindsight, that was pretty misguided.
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