Proof that The Beatles traveled through time, from 1964 to 1994
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Over 50 years ago, The Beatles arrived in New York for their first US visit, but what if ....
Having departed Heathrow on the 7th February 1964, John Lennon, in a playful mood, ordered the pilot to divert the plane via the Bermuda Triangle. Newly declassified documents reveal that Pan Am Flight 101 disappeared from US radar screens shortly after midday, local time. At great expense we have obtained – from reliable Russian mafia sources – an MP3 copy of the black box recorder of that ill-fated Boeing 707. This indicates that as far as those aboard the plane knew, after experiencing severe cyclonic turbulence over the Atlantic Ocean, they re-routed towards New York, believing themselves to have narrowly avoided aeronautical disaster. But on arriving at JFK airport, they were stunned to learn that they had arrived in the year 1994.
That's the premise of An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space, a two-hour ill-trippy musical adventure with golden era hip-hop musicians, from P.E. to Spoonie Gee, Tha Liks to Hieroglyphics and Large Professor to Salt n Pepa, courtesy of Tom Caruna, also the artist behind Enter the Magical Mystery Chamber (previously, and still online)
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Lunacy in losslessness (or MP3 and M4A, if you prefer), both vocal and instrumental, plus some digital "booklets" (PDFs) and 18 photo(shop)s for more irrefutable proof that this happened.
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I like this thing.
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That Rakim track oh my goodness. Never will get tired of albums like this. From Dangermouse to my last dying day, 90s Hip Hop + redone classic samples = me happy.
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Nice work on those tags, flt.
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I just want to listen again and again to that 1964 Beatles newsreel clip "Narrated by Ed Herlihy" Why do I suddenly have an urge for Velveeta?
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EtMMC is still on the rotation.
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This is surprisingly good.
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This seems appropriate.
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A few more links: here's Wu vs Beatles on Soundcloud, if you're looking for another source to stream prior mashup.

Tom Caruna has also produced for Professor Elemental, as covered three times before on the Blue.
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I'm most of the way listening to the instrumental version (yes, they offer that and both versions LOSSLESS too!) and can report it's really great.
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On the instrumentals, there are a few bonus tracks (48 tracks, including two intro tracks, in the vocal version, versus 54 in the instrumental pack).
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I'm on my fourth or fifth listen now - great stuff!
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