Invite the bee, your player, to imagine something greater.
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Seems more a Game Designer's guide to beekeeping.
posted by ChurchHatesTucker at 11:55 AM on February 10, 2015

this fulfilled my venn diagram of bee and poetry interests.
posted by GrapeApiary at 12:11 PM on February 10, 2015

Sometimes a bee may sting in defense,
but sometimes they sting unprovoked.
Sometimes they will play a free game for seven hours straight
and leave a one-star review.
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Also, according to Jupiter Ascending, bees have the ingrained ability to detect royalty. This seems too enticing a game mechanic to pass up.

I'm thinking of a parlor game for the upper classes that would go something like this.

Be sure to support "Who's Illegitimate?" coming soon on Indiegogo.
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Bees also go out looking for new homes, measuring the opening (defensibility) and volume (sufficient space) of the new potential hive, as well as it's shelter from weather. Then they return to the old hive to tell the other bees about the new real estate by performing elaborate dances.

I love being a beekeeper.
posted by Sophie1 at 2:22 PM on February 10, 2015

Also, according to Jupiter Ascending, bees have the ingrained ability to detect royalty.

Speaking of Jupiter (Zeus), the first image on the page is from an old etching which is unsourced/undated (to its original publication), with only the description:

“Above, a bee is working on a honeycomb before the critical eyes of a king and his entourage in the clouds, below, bees are flying to and fro two wicker beehives; illustration of a fable.”

The king here is Zeus. The woman just to the left wearing a crescent-moon crown is Artemis. Apollo is next to her with a sun-halo and lyre. Zeus’ eagle is on the right. The bee with the honeycomb has a prominent stinger. So, this is undoubtedly an illustration of Aesop’s fable “Zeus and the Bee”.

I didn’t know this already. This is the sort of crap I look up while avoiding responsibilities.

Also, this post reminds me of the best bee video game everrrr, Bumbler Bee-Luxe.
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Very nice. Thanks!
posted by Lexica at 5:05 PM on February 10, 2015

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