Bugged by wanting to know who sung what on your favorite shows?
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Oh, this is brilliant. Thanks for posting it.

Alexei Murdoch has 52 instances.
Beastie Boys: 39
Depeche Mode has 35 instances.
The Cure has 51
Green Day: 25

Glee probably skews everything.
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Wait, no Miami Vice? No WKRP in Cincinnati? Fail! And I guess it's going to be a long wait before they have complete listings for American Bandstand.
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Has Gang Starr on Misfits, not bad.
posted by cashman at 11:01 AM on February 12, 2015

Wait, no Miami Vice?

See the Miami Vice wikia.

No WKRP in Cincinnati?

Here's a Google Docs spreadsheet, which I found from the Wikipedia page on the show, specifically about fans' effort to list the music originally used vs the music in the Shout! Factory DVDs.

Here's a list of 9 other sites like TuneFind, including Soundtrack.net and Heard On TV. The former has an exhaustive list of movies and TV, but many empty listings, while the latter focuses on current TV, closer to how TuneFind first focuses on recent shows, then allows you to dig deeper.
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This is fun. They don't have Homicide: Life on the Streets yet. But I'm not kvetching because of the omission. I'm interested because I'm pretty sure that they created the cop-show end-of-episode-poignant-song-montage. I forget the episode, but they used a Barenaked Ladies track (What A Good Boy). When you see the episode now, it doesn't stick out because cop shows started ending every episode with a montage to seem poignant. But I'm pretty sure that it was an Epochal Moment in teevee soundtracks.

On a separate matter, I think Brubaker gave us the slowclap we now love.
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No WKRP in Cincinnati?

Right? Wikipedia got your hookup still tho. "I said good bartender; I had beer in hand. I said wood good and a culotte of items in our heart." #meow.
MuFi Karaoke Challenge! Open A for tuning! Jim Ellis, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you!
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Tunefind is pretty great, been using it to find the music used in Helix and Agent Carter. The best part is that you can ask what a song was and someone will usually figure it out within a day.
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