Pearl and The Beard (SLYT)
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Pearl and The Beard are awesome Blending folk, gospel, pop, and Americana, eclectic Brooklyn-based trio Pearl & the Beard formed in the late 2000s around multi-instrumentalists Jeremy Styles, Jocelyn Mackenzie, and Emily Hope Price. Employing an arsenal that includes glockenspiel, guitar, cello, accordion, melodica, and pitch-perfect three-part harmonies, the band's skillful and soulful brand of acoustic art pop has drawn comparisons to artists like Andrew Bird, Beirut, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, and the Low Anthem.
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ok this is really fricking awesome!

uh, can someone help me find a song with the glockenspiel?
posted by rebent at 1:52 PM on February 20, 2015

I am loving this!
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I have quite a few friends who found out about them through John Green or similar? They have never come to Quebec IIRC correctly, but those same friends happily traveled to Boston and Burlington (VT) to see them. If I am to believe those same friends, they are hella nice folks.
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Wow. Great fucking song. Gotta go fire up Tomahawk now... Thanks!
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I was fully expecting to hate this group because the name struck me as twee and a music video where they make food for an outdoor party is just too precious.

Then they started playing and I just couldn't muster the energy to be jaded anymore.
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This group came to my attention through a music recommendation engine somewhere, based on a Neko Case seed. Best recommendation ever, they're an amazing band.
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Rock FUCKING on!

Most awesome. MeFi makes me happy with the new (to me) musics...
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You can really get down a hole with these guys. Like, there's this. Or, my personal favorite, this.
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their new album leaked a couple months ago and it's fantastic. It's like a great New Pornographers record, different singers, different music styles... super hip and cool. Spacebilly?
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Really pleased for their success! I remember them when their Will Smith medley made the rounds some time ago.
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Part of my love for them is the upright bass. Triggers the psychobilly part of my brain....
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Voice In My Throat is a long-time favorite of mine. Thanks for posting and reminding me to check them out again bobdow!
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I've had the pleasure of seeing P&TB in Boston a few times now. They are an absolute delight. Thanks for spreading the love!
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Heard them live at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser concert. Bought the album that night and evangelized to everyone u know. Spoke to me like little else has for a while, so happy they're still making it happen.
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Thank you. P. and the B. create lovely music. The harmony of the spheres.
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