"Thank you. Goodbye."
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"Thank you. Goodbye." Director Vania Heymann (previously, also of Interactive Bob Dylan Video fame) has set his sights on Israel's upcoming elections, and leant his considerable cinematic talents to a local change campaign. The result is a compelling minute-long commercial highlighting the power of voting. (SLYT)
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Good riddance.
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מֵאָה אָחוּז
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The context behind the ad (other than the obvious) is that after the terrorist incident at the kosher supermarket in Paris, Netanyahu's approval ratings predictably soared. One week after the attack, there were polls showing him 30+ points ahead of his closest challenger, Isaac Herzog.

Herzog's strategy hasn't changed, but he's become increasingly more vocal, trying to turn on-the-fence Likud voters by emphasizing changes that are needed for Israeli domestic economic policies. Massive increases in taxes, cuts in social services and an ongoing explosion in the cost of housing since the last election are all major campaign issues -- and pretty important to Israelis. As with any candidate in any democratic country seeking re-election, it's hard for Netanyahu to convince people that he's committed to major changes since he's been at the helm during related crises.

Netanyahu's popularity has dropped again. Also predictable. According to polls, Likud is currently looking at a potential gain of only 18 seats in the election. And hes appealing to Hareidi voters by opposing their mandatory IDF service, which has long been a bone of contention for that community -- which will probably turn off more mainstream voters.
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I liked how they slipped the cartoon bomb in at the 0:07 mark. Honestly, any video that makes voting seem important / sexy is good in my book.
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Come for the power of an engaged electorate, stay for the groovy handclaps. Great video, Slim, thanks!
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