"We're all in trouble."
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Father William "Bix" Bichsel, longtime protester and participant in the Plowshares movement (previously), died Saturday at age 86.

A Jesuit priest, Bix spent time in prison for protest actions at the School of the Americas and various nuclear weapons facilities. He is perhaps most well-known for his participation in a breakin at a nuclear warhead storage facility at Naval Base Kitsap He had the, perhaps grudging, support of his Jesuit superiors. He's mentioned in a recent New Yorker article on the Plowshares movement (excerpt here). Illness slowed him down but he continued protesting as long as his health allowed.

In addition to his political activism he co-founded the Tacoma Catholic Worker community which provides shelter and services to Tacoma's homeless population.
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Though I disagreed fairly profoundly with Bichsel, he stood for something decent, and he always conducted himself in a way that brought credit to his cause. The world is a lesser place for his having departed it.
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Thank you for posting this. My parents were friends with Bix from their Catholic Worker days. I grew up hearing stories but never met him. Gonna call home now.
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Our loss is the world to come's gain. I don't know how someone could profoundly disagree with someone preaching universal love, justice, peace, and humility. It's probably my greatest shame that I haven't been arrested for having the courage and conscience of someone like Plowsharers.
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Wow. That "support" link is really moving. It's both official and personal.

I don't reckon much with god, but - god bless Catholic Workers.
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