Kisses anyone,
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Kisses anyone, favorite memories of kisses, that first french kiss, that first memorable places, lets hear some kissing stories folks.
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Well, once me, my gal and some freinds were out drinking at my favorite dive(the Villa in Stamford,CT.) One of the crowd was a female freind of a freind who had been rather brazenly flirting with me all night. In a show of territoriality, my better half grabbed me by the neck a passionately kissed me. Unfortunately, I had just taken a big slug of Budweiser and had to belch badly. I manged to keep my mouth closed, but my gal still felt the vibration.

"Did you just burp?" She said.
"Uh...yeah" I answered sheepishly.

She playfully shoved me which unfortunately knocked my head into the wall and made me see stars for a moment or two.
A few minutes later, these two huge bikers got into a fight a nd rolled thru the bar in a mass of muscle, leather and hair, knocking over our table. Luckily, my buddy Rob, dove and valiantly saved our pitcher of beer.(I am not making this up)

What a great night. I miss those days.
How's that story?
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My version...

but my gal still felt the vibration.
"Did you just burp?" She said.
"Uh...that was...ummm... IT" I answered sheepishly.

Sorry could not resist, great story, I miss the getting beaten up part, had this biker "model" friend in art school, and everytime his girlfriend kissed me, generally on the lips, he would too, for some reason he thought it equated things, weird huh, then he would proceed to pummel me in a "nice way", I do miss his irreverence...a lot,

Then again maybe I kissed her so he would kiss me!! Noooooo...what did I start here...
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Jenny Kissed Me

    Jenny kissed me when we met,
        Jumping from the chair she sat in;
    Time, you thief! who love to get
        Sweets into your list, put that in.
    Say I'm weary, say I'm sad;
        Say that health and wealth have miss'd me;
    Say I'm growing old, but add-
                                      Jenny kiss'd me.

Something about that poem always brings a smile to my face. It reminds me that no matter how old I may get, if I'm lucky, I'll still be able to get that thrill of a minor flirtation - just like when I was a teen fumbling my way through my first kiss.

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Ah, kisses. I have lots of favorites, and most of them are attributable to my current paramour. We're making the best of a long-distance thing right now, and one visit last year his connecting flight was cancelled. He got on another flight right away, but his arrival was still delayed by several hours. The poor man was dead on his feet when he arrived, and so was I after an evening of flight-status watching and airport pacing. We got home at around 2 in the morning, and fell asleep kissing, our heads propped on pillows, hundreds of tiny, tender, sweet, sticky little smooches and then we woke up with our lips stuck together like some prehistoric two-headed blowfish.

Memorable place? Hm. If I had to pick just one, I'd say: same man, in Ely, Minnesota. September 2000. Sitting near the campfire on the ugly quilt my grandmother found for me, under an amazing sky filled with as many stars as there are. Packs of wild wolves howling to each other from the north and east. A soft, smoky, coffee-flavored kiss, his cold fingers buried in my hair. I still get shivers thinking about that one.
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After reading that lovely story from kittyb(and in penance for my gross but funny tale at the top of the thread), I'd like to add another observation.
Youknow,when you first starting to date someone and you are at the end of your date or at that moment, the moment when she looks at you and says nothing but her whole face just softens and you know she's going to let you kiss her for real for the first time. I have to say a woman is never more beautiful than at that moment.
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Were the world his,
she might have it for a smile.

-- The London Merchant, by George Lillo. (the play had some misogynistic overtones, but that quote has always stayed with me.)
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What a lovely quote, thanks for sharing it...
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Hey, jonmc, don't chastize yourself, some kisses are gross (not saying yours was) but, its about kissing, so you and hopefully me in my response to your post are forgiven. Bedtime for me now, but for all you west coasters and world travellers, kiss your wife/significant other, kids etc, just as I shall right now...XXXXXX...remember the old days when that meant kisses in a letter...
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One of my fave kissing moments happened my sophomore year in high school. This guy and I were standing outside my English class...the bell had just rung and people were streaming into the room. From my perspective, one minute he's talking to me, and the next minute he just plants one on me, slow motion-like. We stood there and made out until the bell was about to ring. Needless to say, my classmates were staring at me after that one...not sure how teachers managed to miss it though. ;-)

And I may just be old fashioned, but I love it when a guy kisses my hand...I mean hello, swoon much? It's just so gallant and sweet. Not surprised if I'm alone on that one...^_^*
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"i've been kissed places i don't have mouths!"
-diesel sweeties
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Best kisser I've ever had the pleasure to osculate=my husband. Ooh, yes, I swoon a lot. Mmm.
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First kiss: Lisa Yarbrough, a little red-headed tomboy whose family moved next door to mine when I was ten. I had an older friend in the neighborhood who was my surrogate older brother (I was the oldest in my family), and when the new family moved in we sat on our bicycles across the street and vowed that the girls would be ours (Lisa had an older sister, Penny, who still occupies a place in my heart for being the first girl I ever saw naked, but that's another story).

Days later, mission accomplished, ladies won, we were in the girls' bedroom listening to the radio (I believe it was Styx - Blue Collar Man), and Lisa and I were watching the older couple in what may have been a world-record liplock. We looked at each other and our heads began to move closer, just like in the movies. She closed her eyes, I closed mine, and I kissed her ever so softly...on her eyelid.
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though i hate to relive such happy moments with ex-girlfriends, my favorite kiss was only two years ago.. we were friends but had been skirting on the border for a week. we'd go to the park everyday, into this secret place in the woods, where we'd talk for hours, every now and then bringing up the fact that we kind of liked each other. i don't remember what i said that might've pushed her, or if i said anything at all... but i was tearing up leaves while talking to her, and then i looked up, and i saw her leaning towards me. i wondered if she was going to be the brave one and change everything between us. she was. it was great. we sat there, locked at the lips for god knows how long... we came out the woods smiling and holding hands.

being young was fun.
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During my sophomore and junior year of college I met a woman and sparks flew between us. Since we were both in long-term relationships, nothing happened despite very intense chemistry.

Then, during my senior year, she and I crossed paths again, and went out. Only once, and I don't remember the date at all. I do remember that it started raining (very cold) as she kissed me. Just one kiss, but I swear it seemed like an hour. I could feel the rain on my hair and clothes, and we were both soaked. And those things faded out as it kept going. The whole world faded away during that kiss. It wasn't rough, or hurried, or anything like most of what I had experienced before. It was soft, sexy and intense. And it kept going.

After it was over, she went inside and I went back to my car. My teeth were chattering and I could see my hands shaking with the cold, but I was warm all over... Talk about bringing shivers back.
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One of my favorite kisses was back in undergrad. I had seen this girl around school for about a year. She was dating some schmuck but then a little later I had a mutual friend set us up. We went out one night and were sitting in the basement of her all-girls dorm watching Scooby-doo at 3 in the morning and then the next thing I know we were kissing. We must have been at it for quite a while, because when I looked up it was 6. When I walked back to my dorm I was floating on air.

Another is a time when some friends and I were dancing at this club which was about 85% gay. While we were dancing I saw a guy up on a smaller stage dancing with five women and was wondering why I couldn't be dancing with one of those girls. So I made my way up there and the girls were not really having any of it when this girl in a long velour dress gets up on the stage and begins to dance with me. We danced for a while and then the first thing she said to me was "Are you Gay?" I said "No." At that point we started kissing on the stage for about 30 minutes while we were dancing. WHen we stopped, the guy that I had been jealous of asked us if we knew each other. We said that we did not and then he said "You are so cool." It was definitely a great evening.
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I should not have read this thread. I don't get to see my boyfriend for another 9.5 hours. Argh.
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When my husband and I were dating...being stopped at traffic lights were our signal for smooches!!
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Oh....nineteen years later he's still the KING of SMOOCH!
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I defer to these folks.
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I always try to visit the ruined Sutro Baths when I'm in San Francisco; the romance of the beautiful desolation along the sea tickles my aesthetic sense. So when I was 19, my girlfriend had flown out from Ottawa to spend a week with me, and we drove out to the city for a day. We wandered around and had random fun exploring. By the time we made it over to the coast, the sun was setting and the fog was rolling in. There's a little walkway along the side of the cliff; you can step out just above the water, with the waves splashing at your feet, and look out over the horizon. So we stood there, sharing its glory, and we kissed.

It was quite dark when we opened our eyes. And that was my first kiss.

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First kiss - I was 14 and on a trip to Florida with the First Baptist Church Youth Group (my pre-atheist days growing up in the Bible Belt). We stayed for a week with members of a church in Orlando and there was a cute 18-year-old soon-to-be Florida State freshman working as a summer "missionary" there. He was supposed to be supervising us. We were flirting all week and on the last night we were walking back from the church to the house where I was staying and we stopped under a streetlight. I mentioned that I was having fun and wasn't particularly thrilled about having to go home the next week. He said he didn't want me to go either and kissed me right there.

10 or so of the kids from the group happened to be walking by in mid-kiss and the next day everyone knew. it was a bit scandalous and the poor guy almost got fired. Gossip spread so quickly that by the time i got home people were calling and wanting to know about the "28-year-old preacher" I made out with... (a year or two and a few extra details apparently got added everytime the story was retold.) One of my friends that didn't know me then claims that only *i* would be evil enough to run around seducing missionaries at 14, and that this is just one of a litany of reasons Why I'm Clearly Going to Hell.
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Wow...all these romantic kisses.

My favorite kiss is when I come home from work, and my 18 month old son runs over to kiss me.
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spinderella56: no, you're not alone on that one :) the first time I met Jeff, the guy who's now my boyfriend... we have this mutual friend, Nink, who lives next to me in my dorm, and he invited me to watch Fear and Loathing with them, and then Jeff and I talked until 2 AM, when Nink kicked me out (visitation hours which only he pays attention to) and when I left, Jeff kissed my hand. It stayed in my mind even though I didn't see Jeff again for a month or so for rather complex reasons.

Of course, my first kiss was the first time I went over to Stephen's house (he was my first boyfriend, this Chinese kid), and at some point we kiss, and end up making out, and his little brother walks in and goes "Hahaha! I've been watching you!" and Stephen yells at him and we all go and get burgers for dinner.
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