Meeting Bro Orange.
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How Matt Stopera became a minor Chinese celebrity. A romance for the spring festival. Single link buzzfeed, but worth it.
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"Nen river orgy of small indigenous"
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This is the greatest thing.
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Can anyone explain what the appeal of this story is to Chinese people? Sure, it's a neat story but I'm not sure I understand why it's so viral in China.
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I think it's a message in a bottle type thing. The idea that they could be connected across such a great distance by chance (fate?) and technology.
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Damn, this is one of the most unexpectedly heartwarming and delightful things I've ever seen. The photos at the end seriously made me tear up! I'm so excited to hear about their continuing adventures... maybe they can fight crime together?

Bonus: Mr. Stopera is wearing a Twiztid t-shirt in his Twitter bio photo, which means that although he's a complete stranger to me, he is absolutely a friend of mine. MMFCL!

Thanks for posting this, idiopath.

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This is great. I love that they made a sign that says "Welcome Matt," but it would be better if they made a welcome mat.
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So Bro Orange was given the phone and didn't know it was stolen?
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It's kind of neat to see how it's apparently very romantic.
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Just wait until he discovers the Amsterdam city hall is named after him!
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"HA," says the rubber duckie t-shirt.

"HA," says the other rubber duckie t-shirt.

Whoever made these t-shirts needs their own fashion line.
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So Bro Orange was given the phone and didn't know it was stolen?

Or bought it; my assumption was "a lot of stolen phones make their way to China" implied "to be wiped and sold on the cheap".
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This is pretty amazing.

And then he was encased in the wicker orange tree...
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There are times when I love living in the 21st century.
This is one of those times.
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Chinese Web users hailed the special friendship between the two. As one netizen put it: "The distance between them, international borders and even language will not pose an obstacle to their bromance."
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I want one of those side-eye shiba emojis.
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This is the most amazing thing I have read all week. Everything, from the subject matter to the style of the article, is like some horrible future that is already occurring. I can only imagine that the rise of bizarre China-originated memes is only beginning and that we will all increasingly communicate about them using pictographs and emojis to express ourselves.
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everything about this is delightful and i am delighted
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Followup! Much more detail about his trip to China to meet Brother Orange.
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