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"Without Tony Allen [drumming], there would have been no Afrobeat 1" - Fela Kuti 2 3
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Such serendipity. This Tony Allen groove tutorial came up in my Recommended Videos feed on Youtube this morning.
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Tony Allen and Fela were both musical monsters to be sure, but Fela and Afrobeat have become the cliche of the continent's music. There is an upwelling of American bands playing "Afrobeat" but just doing Fela imitations. Probably not a bd thing, but where are all the Tabu Ley Rochereau imitators?

The music of Africa over the past 50 years has been incredibly diverse yet cohesive body of music, at least as rich and inspiring as rock of the 1950s and 60s. Here's hoping Fela is just a starting point.
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Good points, argybarg, but I don't think that changes the fact that Tony Allen is a pretty badass drummer!
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The solo in that second 'drumming' link is just epic...
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Tony Allen is great - thanks for these links!

Crazy Afrobeat
(not his most amazing drumming session, just a smooth smooth groove)
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