Steal only from the best.
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Tony Zhou has quickly become a favorite here at Metafilter for his video essays on film techniques. His latest work is part editing class / part confessional on the subject of video essays themselves. And it all involves Star Wars, South Park and, most of all, Orson Welles' "F for Fake" (previously and previously).
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His video essay on what Fincher *doesn't* do when presented with a basic two heads talking scene was a real Peeking Behind The Curtain moment.
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The best being Kyle Kallgren of Brows Held High fame who did a video on F for Fake a month ago? ;)
(Interesting coincidence.)

F for Fake is great, by the way, watch it if you get the chance to!
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I really could do without the South Park comparison in this latest one.
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I had just bought and watched F for Fake a couple weeks before this video dropped so it really dovetailed well with my own thinking.
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AlonzoMosleyFBI: “Steal only from the best. ”
With pride. Swipe from the best with pride.
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Just re-watched F For Fake last weekend, love it.
And I agree Kyle Kallgren's video on F For Fake is even better!
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