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Jeff VanderMeer reflects on connections between personal experience and written SF/fantasy, including those in his own work as well as that of Angela Carter, Lev Grossman, Ann Leckie, Lauren Beukes, and Nnedi Okorafor.

Previously: VanderMeer, Carter, Grossman, and Leckie.
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Just came in here to say that I love Jeff VanderMeer. Currently making my way through The Time Traveler's Almanac and it's a delight. Such a gifted writer/editor.
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Ditto on the love. The Area X trilogy (part 3 is out soon) has been one of the reading highlights of my year.
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Ah that must be why I'm not a famous fantasy writer, I just have not been taping determinedly enough at the back secret panel of the dresser in the attic.
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Here's Lauren Beukes at Webstock in 2012. Her talk was:

Kinking Reality
Fantastical storytelling is at its most potent when it's anchored to reality. Lauren Beukes talks about why she writes strange and twisty fiction from novels to comics to TV shows and the occasional ARG, and how storytelling that re-imagines where we are has the ability to tell us more about who we are.

It's pretty damn good!

[Disclaimer: I'm involved with Webstock]
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Oh! Jeff VanderMeer! I loved The Steampunk Bible and think it should be required reading before claiming and fluffy, shiny asthetic garbage is steampunk. That or the opening to him and his wife's Steampunk short story collection.
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Yay Jeff VanderMeer! City of Saints and Madmen was my intro to his work, and I pretty much devoured everything of his I could find immediately afterwards. The short story "Secret Life" is one of my favorites of all time (seriously, read it).

He also has a really fantastic blog in terms of promoting other authors - through him, I found Caitlin Kiernan and went on to devour everything she'd written as well. I would love to meet him someday - he's had such a great impact on my reading life, through his own stuff and also his relentless support of other amazing authors.

(Fun fact: I once was one of the winners of a contest he held in his blog comments - so now I am the proud owner of a little card with a note from him, some adorable stationary shaped like a snail, and a photocopy of a short unpublished story that didn't make it into "Secret Lives". It lives in a special place on the VanderMeer section of my bookshelves, and is probably my favorite thing I've ever gotten in relation to an author.)
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Impatiently awaiting my copy of Acceptance. I had a brief email exchange with Vandermeer a few years ago about Angela Carter and Tanith Lee. I'm still so flattered that he took the time to respond to my questions.
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