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There is little in English about the Basque artist Nicolas de Lekuona who was killed in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War aged 24
Photographer, Collagist; some of which are definitely unsettling; whilest others explore the humanform. He also painted.
He was killed in bomb attack by the nationalist forces that he had recently joined as a stretcher bearer. Some of his works, many still in private hands can be viewed here.
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I love these. It's all very familiar to a specific lowbrow aesthetic I see all over the place now (there is a LOT of it on Society6/Etsy particularly), while simultaneously managing to have a totally distinct voice.

I'd cosh sweet old grannies for a good print of the one behind the 'humanform' link.
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Many thanks for the post, and for bringing to the attention of mefites the work of this singular artist. I saw an exhibit of his work a few years ago in Vitoria's (the Basque Country) Artium Museum. HereĀ“s a link, in Spanish, to the exhibit's documentation.
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